bovrom – The Best Movies To Watch For Free Streaming (Jan. 2022)

What do you find on

bovrom is a website that has just entered the streaming world and has a lot of movies.

Is it easy to navigate bovrom?

Yes, we are talking about a very well structured website with a simple but attractive design.

It all starts on the home page, that’s where you’ll see the list of movies that were recently added. If you are interested in one of these movies, just click on its name, then scroll down a bit and click on the video player to start watching the movie.

If you want to know if a certain movie is available on the site, you will have to click on the search field and type the name and see the results that appear.

All content on the platform is doubled in French instead of subtitles.

Do I need to create an account on bovrom?

No, since it is not even possible to create an account, you just have to go to the site, click on a movie and start watching.

Are there any ads on bovrom?

This is a big problem for most streaming sites, but it doesn’t happen on the bovrom site. Not a single ad will find it.

However, from time to time, a window will appear to request donations, which will prevent all users from browsing the site. The window will only disappear when the requested value is reached.

On this streaming platform you will only find films of good or very good quality.

Is the quality of the films on bovrom good?

Yes, quality is undoubtedly one of the great advantages, because the vast majority of films have HD resolution (720p).

Another big advantage is that the content is stored on Google’s servers.

Why don’t I have access to bovrom?

Common situations:

  • The site is under maintenance and will be unavailable for a few hours.
  • A donation request window appeared and prevents all users from browsing the pages. Unfortunately, the window only disappears when the requested value is reached.
  • Server overloaded due to excessive traffic. We advise you to wait a few minutes before trying to re-enter.

Irreversible situations:

  • bovrom is blocked because it violates the laws of the country in which you currently reside. Although it is possible to enter the site with a VPN, it is better to search for another streaming platform.
  • The site no longer exists because the administrator realized that there was no longer any reason to continue the project.

Advantages and disadvantages of the site?


  • A wide variety of films added daily.
  • A simple and well-organized structure


  • Many films stop working after a certain time.
  • It is not possible to download directly, you will need specific tools