ridzov – The Best Movies To Watch For Free Streaming (Jan. 2022)

What you find on ridzov.com?

Upon entering this website, you will come across a large amount of movies available for streaming for free.

Is it easy to navigate ridzov?

Yes, because we’re talking about the successor to the well-known Badioz website. The structure remains the same, as does its design.

Starting from the homepage, here you will find the latest films from the platform, listed by arrival date.

Do I need to create an account on ridzov?

No, there is no need to worry about creating an account, as the site does not have an access system. Just choose the movie and click on the video player, very simple.

Are there any ads on ridzov?

You will not find any ads on the pages or in the video player, which is surprising.

Instead of advertisements, a window will appear from time to time to request donations. This same window prevents all users from browsing the pages and will only disappear when the value requested by the administrator is reached.

The quality of the films is quite good, because the vast majority has a resolution of 720p or even 1080p.

Is the quality of the films on ridzov good?

Yes, it’s pretty good, because most of the content is 720p quality or even better (1080p).

Another important aspect to mention is that the movies are stored on Google’s servers, which is impressive compared to its competitors.

Why don’t I have access to ridzov?

If you do not have access to the platform, it is because one of these situations may have occurred:

  • Server overloaded, because the site has a lot of traffic. The solution is to wait a few minutes and then try again.
  • The ridzov site is under maintenance, so it will be impossible to access it for a few hours. In principle, the administrator will leave a notice.
  • Website closed, as the administrator could no longer cover project costs, or for another specific reason.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of ridzov?


  • All films are dubbed in French.
  • It is not necessary to register to see a film.
  • There are no commercials.


  • It is not possible to download directly from the platform.