rikmod- The Best Movies To Watch For Free (Jan. 2022)

What you find on rikmod.com?

rikmod is a streaming platform that contains many movies that you can watch for free.

Is it easy to navigate rikmod?

Yes, it is really easy to navigate, all thanks to its structure as well as its design.

As soon as you enter the homepage, you will find a list of the latest movies on the platform (they are sorted by arrival date).

Do I need to create an account on rikmod?

No, since it is not even possible to create an account, you just have to go to the site, click on a movie and start watching.

Are there any ads on rikmod?

No, there are no ads on this platform, however, it is possible that this will happen in the future.

For now, the site must follow the same steps as its predecessor Badioz, that is, a window should appear asking for donations from time to time. It is important to note that this window will prevent any user from browsing the pages unless the requested value is reached.

Is the rikmod of good quality?

Yes, the quality is excellent, as a rule movies are hosted on external servers of large capacity.

The films are shown in 720p resolution and there will be no blockage.

Why don’t I have access to rikmod?

If you cannot access the website at this time, it is because one of these situations occurs.

  • The site is under maintenance and will not be accessible for a few hours.
  • rikmod blocked because it violates the laws of the country you are currently in. If you want to try to access the streaming platform, you will need to use a VPN, however, this may not work.
  • The server on which the website is hosted may be overloaded. Wait a few minutes before trying to reconnect.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of rikmod?


  • Site very easy to navigate.
  • Many films available.
  • No advertising.
  • You do not need an account to watch a movie.
  • All films are dubbed in French.
  • Quality of content quite good.


  • Site that offers only films.