voplav – The Best Movies To Watch For Free (Jan 2022)

What you find on voplav.com?

The name of the site may be rather strange, but it is a free streaming site.

Is it easy to navigate voplav?

Yes, we are talking about a website that has a very easy-to-understand structure and you will understand that even when you enter the home page.

Unlike many other free streaming platforms, it does not display movie covers in movie lists. If you want to see the cover of a movie you want to watch, you will first have to click on its name.

To search for a specific genre on this site, just go to the top of the site and choose the desired genre. After the selection, a large list of movies will appear.

Once on the page of the movie you want to watch, you will find its cover, a short synopsis, the video player, some reviews from some users and finally a text box (if you want to leave your comment/review).

Do I need to create an account on voplav?

You don’t have to have an account to watch the movies, which is not possible either, because the website doesn’t have an access system.

Are there any ads on voplav?

It sounds like a lie, but the website doesn’t have advertising, it means you can browse the pages at will, as there will be no nasty surprises.

As there are no ads, the administrator needs another way to be able to bear the costs of the site, this involves adding a window asking for donations from time to time.

Is the quality of the films on voplav good?

The quality of the movies is mainly in HD, which is a great advantage compared to other websites, because not everyone can guarantee good quality and free of charge.

But it doesn’t stop there, voplav is a more reliable site, because all the movies are stored on Google’s servers.

Why don’t I have access to voplav?

voplav may be in maintenance, so it will be impossible to access it for a few hours.

The overloaded server is another situation that can occur because there are too many users on the website at the same time. If you want to come in, you’ll have to wait a few minutes.

Something that can also happen is that the site is blocked for breaking the laws of the country you are in right now.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of voplav?


  • Simple and organized site, just like its predecessor Badioz.
  • Many films available.
  • No advertising.
  • Almost all movies have HD resolution.


  • No download option.
  • A streaming site that doesn’t have a single series.