zaniob – The Best Movies To Watch For Free (Jan 2022)

What you find on

zaniob’s successor has arrived, there are many films to choose from and of excellent quality.

Is it easy to navigate zaniob?

Yes, which is normal, as this is the successor to the popular Kempox website.

The structure is like its predecessor, with a search bar, the list of movies as the main objective and a section for the latest reviews and comments.

To choose a certain kind of film, just go to the menu of the website.

On the page of a film, there will always be the cover of the film, a brief synopsis, the video player and even reviews made by users who have already seen the film.

Does Zaniob need registration?

You don’t have to register, and it’s not even possible, there’s no way to register.
Everything is available to all users and anyone looking for high quality content.

Are there any ads on Zaniob?

No, which is impressive, because sites like Badrip usually have some advertisements.

However, it is likely that from time to time a window will appear to request donations, so that the administrator can cover all costs of the site.

Is Zaniob of good quality?

Yes, the quality is amazing, all the movies on this platform are in 720p resolution.
This resolution is ideal for all currently available screens (smartphones, tablets).

Why don’t I have access to Zaniob?

The site may be under maintenance, so no user will be able to access it for a few hours.

If the server is overloaded, it will be very difficult to access the Zaniob site, as there are many users at the same time. Wait a few minutes, then try to connect again.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of Zaniob?


  • All movies are stored on servers owned by Google.
  • Very easy to understand website operation.
  • Huge amount of movies to watch.


  • Lack of series.
  • Replenishing unavailable movies takes too long.