zavrol – The Best Movies To Watch For Free (Jan 2022)

What do you find on

It is a brand new streaming platform that includes thousands of French films.

Its versatility and simplicity make any visitor a lover of this fantastic site.

Is it easy to navigate zavrol?

Very simple, you will not have any difficulty understanding the operation of the site.

When you are on the home page, you will see a list of recently added movies. To see what the movie is about, you will have to click on the title and you will be directed to another page and you will see the film cover, the synopsis, the video player to watch the movie and a critical section.
As you can see, you can easily see a movie, it’s a matter of seconds. In addition, zavrol has a menu in which you can choose the kind of film to your liking. If you already have in mind the name of the film, write in the search field and click on the magnifying glass.

On all pages, you will have the company of the last section of criticism, which will always be located on the right side.

Do I need to create an account on zavrol?

No, it is not necessary to have an account, nor even possible to create one. The content of this platform is accessible to all users.

Are there any ads on zavrol?

We are talking about a site that has just been “born”, so it is normal not to have advertisements.

Instead of advertisements, the administrator will most likely rely on a window soliciting donations, as he did on the previous site.

Is the zavrol of good quality?

Yes, the quality is excellent, as a rule movies are hosted on external servers of large capacity.

The films are shown in 720p resolution and there will be no blockage.

Why don’t I have access to zavrol?

You will see at times that you will not be able to access this platform, here are some situations:

  • Overloaded Server – Many site users will overload the site. The solution is to wait a few minutes and then try to reconnect.
  • zavrol in maintenance – If a message is displayed indicating that the site is in maintenance, this means that you will not be able to access it until after a few hours.
  • Site no longer exists – If this happens, it means you will need to search for another streaming platform.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of zavrol?


  • Lots of movies.
  • Almost all movies have HD resolution or even higher.
  • There is no advertising on the platform.


  • It is a streaming site with films only.