zifub – The Best Movies To Watch For Free (Jan 2022)

What you find on zifub.com?

On this site you will find a large number of films, all dubbed in French.

Easy to navigate on zifub.com?

It is undoubtedly one of the easiest streaming sites to navigate, thanks to its simplicity.

Let’s start by talking about the homepage, which is where the most recent films of the platform are located, these are on a list organized by arrival date.

To search for movies of a certain genre, you will have to go to the top of the site, then choose the desired genre.

The search bar is ideal for those who don’t like to waste time, but also for those who don’t find the movie they want to watch.

When a user clicks on the title of a movie, they go to the film page, where they see the cover, a short synopsis, the video player and even a critical section.

Does zifub need to be registered?

No registration is required, there is not even an access system on this platform.

All present content is accessible without any limitation.

Are there any ads on zifub?

No. You can freely browse the pages of the zifub site, which will not find a single ad.

But of course, not everything is perfect, from time to time a window will appear asking for donations that will prevent all users from being able to watch movies or browse the pages. The window will disappear when the administrator’s desired value is reached.

Is the quality of the movies on zifub good?

Yes, this is probably one of the strongest points, because almost all films are in HD resolution or higher.

Another strong point to note, the video player is very fast to load a movie (it will also depend on the internet speed you have at home).

Why is the website not working?

There are many reasons why a website crashes, let’s list a few:

  • Site is being serviced, this is a task that may take some time.
  • The website has been blocked by your operator at the DNS level, the simple solution is to change DNS or use a VPN.
  • The domain has changed its name, they usually inform you in advance.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of zifub?


  • Very simplistic site.
  • Many films to choose from.
  • It is not necessary to create an account to access the content.
  • All movies are stored on Google’s servers.


  • For now, it is a site that does not have a single series or anime.